These other websites are really good.


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has some of the most comprehensive data on global fisheries and their importance to people. Their State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report comes out every two years.

Trevor Branch's Fishery Citation Aggregate

Fishery biologist Trevor Branch has catalogued every important fishery science paper on his site. Branch also chronicles several fishery science controversies and highlights women in fisheries.

RAM Legacy Database

Access stock assessments on over 4,000 fish stocks world wide. The database is used by fishery scientists around the globe and has led to several publications.

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

If you have any interest in tuna fisheries, this is the place to go. Their status of tuna stocks report comes out every few months so check often for updates.

For in-depth explanations of the science, policy, and human dimensions of fisheries, be sure to check out Sustainable Seafood 101.