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This page is a quick reference library of some of our best coverage on specific topics in fisheries.

We have hundreds of articles addressing several topics—if you are looking for more resources beyond what is listed below, get in touch and we can put you on to more.

Environmental impact of fishing

What is the Global Footprint of Fishing?

Scientists are getting closer to figuring out how much of the world’s ocean is fished, but discrepancies in the scale and interpretation of data are producing wildly different answers with contrasting conservation implications.

Eating Plants & Seafood

Conscious eating can and should include several different kinds of food. A plant-based diet has lower impact relative to a standard diet that includes lots of animal protein, but a diet that includes fish can have as low, or even lower impact.


Fishery management works

striped marlin on a bait ball

Ocean Optimism?

New research says we have the policy blueprints to rebuild marine life by 2050. Decarbonization needs to happen quickly, though.

Seafood Fraud

8% of seafood is mislabeled

The latest science estimates 8% of seafood is mislabeled around the world. Read about the study that led to the updated figure here.

Seafood consumption

Illustration of seafood imports and exports. United States

How much U.S. Seafood is Imported?

Misleading seafood deficit statistics have played a central role in Trump’s trade war. 35-38% of seafood consumed in the U.S. is produced domestically.

Responses to hyperbole

Are you mad about Seaspiracy?

The Science of Seaspiracy overlayed on seaspiracy poster

The science of Seaspiracy

The new Netflix Original film, Seaspiracy, makes some bold claims. We dive into the science and correct several bits of misinformation.