Tag: Seafood 101

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Fishery Science

In this post we simplify the fundamentals of commercial fishing in hopes of explaining their social and biological functions worldwide.

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(Mis)labeled Fish

Humans eat only a few species of livestock, but eat hundreds of different kinds of fish. How do consumers know that the species they are eating is actually what is listed on the menu or on the packaging?

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Commercial fishing methods

The way that a fish is caught is essential to understanding its sustainability. Commercial fisheries are caught using nets, lines, traps, and even divers.

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Management tools & enforcement

We explain different kinds of fishery management policies and tools, weigh their outcomes, and discuss how they fit into management frameworks. However, the complexity and nuance of fishery management must be viewed through a lens of enforcement and capacity.

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What does the world eat?

What does the world eat? The answer to this question is crucial to understanding global diets and sustainability. In this post we offer a global perspective on food and sustainability meant to highlight the role that seafood plays in human nutrition.

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Where Does Seafood Come From?

About half of the world’s seafood is wild-caught and about half is raised in farms (i.e. aquaculture). Wild fisheries are a complex and fascinating natural resource—they are extractive yet renewable, vulnerable yet resilient. They contain unique human dimensions that tie directly to food security, nutrition, and livelihood.

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